About Us

Today’s man is continuously challenged with social diversity and moral divisions. We live in a challenging and exciting time. There are many opportunities for the modern man as he embraces hard work, remains disciplined in his actions and tolerant of change.

The Whiskey-Nights store is for the tenacious, resourceful, and confident modern man. He works hard and plays hard. He is a gentleman and compassionate to others’ needs, resolute in defending freedom and personal growth. He is a man’s man.      

At Whiskey-Nights.com we celebrate manhood; no bi-products or socially acceptable alternatives. Find quality, rugged merchandise that has been thoroughly researched and tested by patrons. With unbeatable factory direct pricing and almost exclusively FREE shipping, our products are man-approved, practical, and make great personal enhancements or gifts. 

That's what the Whiskey Nights is all about. So pull up a chair, grab a cigar, a single malt, and treat yourself.

~ Dan Koehler, Founder Whiskey-Nights.com